Alison Gelbman


Caricature Artist in NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA

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CREDITS: Joey Adams' Brithday!, Carnegie Hall!, Dreyfus!, and someone like You!
Alison Gelbman is a Real Artist. Caricatures are really the epitome of ARTWORK - Not just a craft, Not just a technique. The Fun is contagious when you see a real artist BE in the moment. There's no telling ahead of time what will come out. Unpredicatability - that's what's FUN. Being IN THE MOMENT.

" Okay, okay," she thinks. "What will I see at this event, today?"

As you know, because nobody looks like anyone else, every person is unique. A snapshot would show you that. But a real artist PLAYS with that uniqueness. Recognition is based on truth, and Alison draws what's seen so we can all enjoy it.

Watch the Artwork Be Created. "Wow! What was That!"

FACE PAINTING. If you choose Face Painting, you'll be surprised. Of course, Children love to try on new faces. But it turns out that people of all ages, once they loosen up, remember how to play. Put on a New Face, and you get 'permission' to act. Be a Tiger! See your date as a Clown? Dogs, Spiders, Butterflies, and more. Paint the Faces, and the Party takes on fun and excitement.

Categories: Child Entertainer, Caricature Artist